Hemisphere Identity

Hemisphere is a company that provides financing to major studios like Paramount and Sony for their tentpole and franchise films. Releases include World War Z, The Smurfs, Men In Black III, Tin Tin, Total Recall and many more. I was hired to create an entire identity system for the company of which this was a major part. The animated logo was created for 2D & 3D releases and will be used in for theatrical releases and home entertainment releases. Company Website: hemispherecapitalmanagement.com

Logo developed for Hemisphere for use on in print and online. Creative Director & Designer: David La Cava.
Storyboards for the Hemisphere animated logo to be used for Hemisphere's film releases. Release include World War Z, The Smurfs, Tin Tin and Men In Black III with more tentpole releases to come.
Creative Director: David La Cava. 3D Animator/Storyboards: Michael Wynne.
Fully rendered animated logo for Hemisphere. Premiered on the front of World War Z. Music composed by Yuri Sazonoff and licensed through SmartSound. Creative Director: David La Cava. 3D Animator: Michael Wynne.
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