Book Design for "How To Design Logos, Symbols

This was a revolutionary book on branding and identity design. It strayed from the normal 'logo book' that just lists a bunch of logos on each page. This book explains from initial client brief to final product each step and thought involved in designing or redesigning a successful and lasting brand. Art Director/Book Designer: David La Cava

How To Design Logos, Symbols and Icons: Book/Editorial Design
An in-depth study of branding and identity design by Gregory Thomas. The book is published by F+W Publications (HOW & Print Magazine). This logo book is different than the typical logo book in that it uses real-life case studies to explain the step-by-step process each firm used to reach their ultimate solution. The entire project involved 32 design firms and their work to be published in the book. Created a unique look for the entire layout of the interior design of the book and oversaw the cover design. I also headed up the project and liased with the firms, organized all submissions and coordinated all copyright releases from the design firms and their clients. It was in its third edition in soft cover last i checked.
© F&W Publications. All Rights reserved.
Art Direction & Book Design: David La Cava.
Cover Design: Julian Bitner
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